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For "Human Resources or was it Human Remains" by Andrew Burnham

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"Human Resources or was it Human Remains"

by Andrew Wyndham

"An excellent read, I couldn`t put it down from start to finish"

If you want an HR text book this book is probably not for you.  If you want a unique  insight into some of the weird and wonderful true stories that happened during a twenty year career in Human Resources it is.


What strange things do people put on application forms?  How do you tell someone that they smell? What funny things happen to HR Managers?  What happens with personal relationships in the office?  What sorts of thefts, fiddles and criminals did you come across?  What strange disciplinaries have you dealt with?  Does work and personal life ever collide?


The world of employment is one of the few things in life that we all have in common and the way that people behave in this aspect of their lives never ceases to amaze.  It is a glimpse into the strange and sometimes dark corners of HR and just when you think that you have seen it all, there is always someone, somewhere, who will do something to surprise you.   Some stories are happy, some sad, some funny, some bad.  


Was it human resources or was it human remains?   I like to think that it was both, and everything in between.  



Table of contents:



Employing all sorts of folk

That touchy issue of personal hygiene

Strange things that happened to this HR Manager

Personal relationships in the workplace

Theft, fiddles and disciplinaries  

HR Managers and colleagues

Managers with problems

In work, out of work

Police matters nasties and nutters

Death, injury and sadness

Training courses, why?

Sickness, absence and wasters

The exit door

The dreaded tribunal


Over 50,000 words and names changed to protect the innocent.


"Some of these stories are fascinating, some sad and some just downright funny"

"Entertaining reading and one that anyone in the field of HR will be vale to instantly relate too!"